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Liothyronine Sodium Tablets

Each Box Contains: 30 x 25mcg Tablets

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Liothyronine Sodium is a thyroid hormone commonly known as Cytomel. Cytomel is one of the most powerful fat-burning tools of all time.

Taking T3 (Cytomel) will increase your bodys energy demands, burning fat even faster primarily due to an increase in ATP. This increased ATP causes an increase in overall metabolic activity. If you arent taking other steroid products, however, with the T3 product, your body may start to eat away muscle to provide energy for you to function. ATP will use whatever is on hand to generate energy for your body to continue functioning, fat, protein, glucose; it doesnt matter to ATP, as long as theres something to give them energy. Taking this drug will increase their need to find something to burn to create this energy. If we arent using steroids while taking T3, we may lose muscle, especially while dieting.

Thus we can see that there are many advantages to using T3 to optimize our metabolic rate. It will also increase your bodys ability to synthesize protein, but from what Ive seen personally, it acts as a catabolic when it isnt administered with anabolic steroids. It is often the last thing added into a precontest diet, as it has a reputation for getting rid of the last few percentages of bodyfat & the "sticky fat". 

It should be the first thing added into a diet to lose fat, as it will optimize your metabolic rate, which should be done at the outset of a diet, not after the calorie restriction. 

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