<![CDATA[Andro-genix.com]]> http://andro-genix.com/feeds/ Andro-genix.com Sun, 18 Feb 2018 06:52:52 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Brilliant Stuff]]> This stuff is awesome, takes your metabolism off the scale!!!]]> http://andro-genix.com/weight-loss/114-t3.html <![CDATA[Awesome Stuff]]> Brilliant quality gear.]]> http://andro-genix.com/dbol/143-dianabol.html <![CDATA[Very Helpful Website and good gear]]> Dont normally bother with reviews about gear but the guys from andro-genix were very helpful and really know their stuff. I completely changed the cycle I was going to do and the results after 12 weeks have been really impressive. I have gained over 10 Ibs of really good quality muscle and kept water retention to almost nothing and got over my previous plataeu that has been a problem in the past. I cant recommend this website and the guys behind it enough]]> http://andro-genix.com/sustanon/18-sus-250.html <![CDATA[Excellent Product and Website]]> I compete in crossfit competitions and wanted something to help me train better, give me more strength and power without ruining my cardio capability. The guys on the website spent a lot of time going through my training schedule, explaining about the different products that were available to me as a woman, which was very kind of them and really helpful. I have been using the Anavar 10mg at 10mg a day, taking it about 45mins before training and I have seen a great difference in the amount of weight I am training with and my explosive power. I have also been able to train far more intensely over the last 4 weeks since taking it. Excellent product and really good website Thank you soooooo much]]> http://andro-genix.com/anavar/80-anavar-10.html <![CDATA[Thank you]]> Good product. Appears to be dosed correctly as works very well. Reduced sore nipples very quickly]]> http://andro-genix.com/post-cycle-therapy/133-aromasin.html <![CDATA[Happy with my order]]> Been using Med tech stuff for about 3 years now. Ordered Equitest through this website as I had run out during my cycle and my normal source didn't have any. Definitely legit stuff so I am happy to order more.]]> http://andro-genix.com/power-stacks/69-eq-test-400.html <![CDATA[Trust this website]]> I have never used a website to buy any gear before, but after my local source let me down, twice, I decided to give it a go. Spoke to Joe a couple of times and he put my mind at rest. The Western Union payment was a bit tricky the first time, but I sorted it. Anyway top quality gear, very well priced compared to other sites and all of my orders have arrived sensibly packed and with about a week of placing my order. I have recommended quite a few friends to the site who were let down by the same supplier. ]]> http://andro-genix.com/cutting-rip-blends/44-one-rip-200.html <![CDATA[Good Product - Excellent Website]]> Been using Pro Chem Labs stuff now for many years, always been happy with the results. Cant fault the andro-genix website guys, the stuff I ordered was cheaper than my normal website and it arrived as promised. Good job guys keep it up. Will be back for some more soon................]]> http://andro-genix.com/cutting-rip-blends/44-one-rip-200.html <![CDATA[Great Product]]> Was recommended this product instead of the Lab I usually use and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with this Winny. Firstly the product is packaged extremely well and looks superb. These people really have gone to some effort to make their product stand out, secondly the results have been good right up there with my normal gear which is pharma grade. To be frank I couldn't tell the difference.]]> http://andro-genix.com/winstrol/144-winstrol-10.html <![CDATA[top quality - pain free ]]> use this with most of my stacks, its real stuff! had my best gains so far. also pain free injections which was a bonus. support team have been fantastic also offering advice and they even email me first. 5 STARS! ]]> http://andro-genix.com/enanthate/14-testenate-300.html