Buying with Confidence from Andro-Genix

Who are the people behind the site?
The website is run by a group of highly experienced bodybuilders, powerlifters and long-term users of steroids and performance enhancing products. There isn’t one single product that is on the website that we haven’t used and can’t vouch for in terms of its quality and effectiveness. All of the products on the Andro-Genix website are fit for purpose and represent good value for money.

Why launch a website?
Over the last 15-18 years we have been advising people upon the use of steroids, steroid cycles and bodybuilding. We have been senior moderators on a number of the most famous and respected forums in both Europe and the United States. Been technical advisors on a handful of steroid publications over the last 4 years and two of the group have also worked with a number of national and international competition winners in both bodybuilding and strongman events. Through our involvement in the industry, so to speak, we have been introduced and have become friends with some of the best companies and suppliers in the business (we often used to get sent samples to try and, if good promote through the forums and to people we were advising) so we had access to the products.  

Over the years, we had listened to a number of our friends and students moan about being let down by websites, but couldn’t understand why these people running these sites would set out to, basically, con people out of their money.  So we determined that we could and would start a website and provide the best service to all of our customers, all the time, every time, regardless of the size of order. Making sure they got the proper products, at a proper price and would also help them with support in terms of advice and information to make sure they could make informed purchases.

The Andro-Genix website fills the void that exists between with the current range of steroid websites. Those that have little or no experience of using the products themselves, websites that charge too much, websites that have little or no stock and those sad souls, the SCAMMERS, who promise all the products, but have no intention of delivering anything at all apart from a dent in your bank balance.

Buy from with 100% Confidence!

You can be 100% confident in all of the products offered on the website. We are proud to offer the brands and every single product on the website because we know they are good. We don’t just sell them, we use them personally and provide them to our training partners and friends. We know that they are correctly dosed, with the correct compounds, and know that every product will produce the result that it is supposed to. Each and every product is sourced from the very best in the business either from the manufacturer directly or from their main distributors. You cannot possibly buy more direct, this is our rock solid guarantee.

First time buyers/new accounts – we know it is difficult to make your mind up, stressful and worrying buying any of these types of products through any of the internet sources. Unfortunately you can’t rely on all reviews and referrals from other websites and forums either. We fully appreciate all of your concerns and that you work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it. Whilst there isn’t really anyway to completely put your mind at rest until you receive your first order, we try to do as much as we can beforehand.

Feel free to contact us via the email, or go to our facebook page (andro-genix) and we will answer any of your questions as soon as possible and as best as we can to put your mind at rest. This includes help and advice to make sure you are buying the correct products in line with your training goals and physical objective.