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We will do our best to keep you up with the latest developments both on and off the website through both our Facebook and twitter pages.

We really want our customers to think of us here as friends, I mean, let’s face it we all have the same common interest which brings us here. Many of you have spoken with me over the last few months and know that, as a group, the andro-genix team, are more than willing to offer help and advice on all sorts of issues relating to the use of our products, bodybuilding, product cycles, training advice, injuries and many many more. The Facebook page really provides us with the ability to keep you right up to date and for you to ask us questions face to face to make sure you are getting the best out of your training and are choosing the right product for the job.

So please take the time to like the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter page and let us help you get all the advice you want. 

Look at it another way, it has to be better than joining a forum, where all you get is conflicting advice and abuse, most of which is posted by idiots, who have nothing better to do than demoralise the people who asked for help in the first instance.

Anyway all the best, and hope to speak to you soon.

From all of us at the andro-genix team.