Peptides -

Androgenix Peptide Range

Androgenix are launching our own range of Peptides in Jan 2015.

The product range will include the following:

  • Melanotan Series I
  • Melanotan Series II
  • CJC – 1295 no DAC
  • CJC – 1295 with DAC
  • GHRP – 6
  • GHRP – 2
  • GRF (1-29) = Semorelin
  • Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500)
  • HCG
  • GH Frag 176 – 191

Peptide Standards:

These products are being produced under contract in Europe. The contractor has a long history of manufacturing GMP grade peptides for clinical trials and Generic peptide APIs under strict adherence to FDA 21 CFR parts 210 & 211 and ICH guideline Q7 for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Quality Assurance and Regulations:

GMP manufacturing facilities, procedures, and documentation are maintained in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice as described in the United States Code of Federal Regulations.

All starting raw material providers and vendors are carefully selected upon a number of criteria and are continually evaluated by their QA department in terms of compliance. All vendors must provide a BSE free certificate.